Serve the Local Church.

In 1994, Mozambique was ranked as the world’s poorest country.  Started in 1981 by Rod and Ellie Hein, Afrika Wa Yesu (Africa for Jesus) is reaching Mozambique through evangelism, church planting and discipleship-making.  Through their work in raising up local pastors, they have planted more than 85 churches all through the country. Join us on this JFC Global Adventure as we teach, preach, and evangelize through the local Afrika Wa Yesu churches and serve in practical ways at the AWY Bible Schools.  This mission trip is ranked difficult for its physical and spiritual requirements and has limited space. 


Who: JFC Men & Women (18+)

Dates: May 22 - June 5, 2018

Estimated Cost: $4200

Team Leaders:  Bruce Rouse

Partner Ministry: Afrika Wa Yesu

Global Adventure Rating: Difficult


Team Meetings


2018 Trip is closed, please sign up below if interested in our May 2019 opportunity.

**Team hikes may be held off site